Résumé Website Design

What is a Résumé website ?

Your personal resume website is a digital version of the traditional paper resume.

It shows your education, skills, and previous positions or projects you’ve worked on. But, it also shows things you cannot accurately share using a paper resume.

It allows you to display photos and images of your projects or share links to articles you’ve written or had published elsewhere.

This Is Why

online resume website is important

Let Google to See you

Today, it’s common for hiring managers to Google you. What do you want to appear first? Ideally, the first result will be your professional resume website that you control and that paints you in the best light.

Helps recruiters find you

Hiring managers don’t know your name yet, but they know the skills they’re looking for. A resume website with specific, well-written content on it will help you appear in search results for the kinds of positions you want.

International Exposure

Website resume gives your profile exposure to abroad Job opportunities. It also gives chance to your portfolio to get attention of International recruiters and hiring managers and creates new opportunities for future

Shows that you are web-savvy

For many jobs these days, it’s important to show that you’re not a dinosaur. An online resume website says that you take your career hunt seriously and that you are familiar with current web trends.

Shows off your personality

Hiring managers want to know about your experience, but they also want to know about your personality. Ideally your resume website can show off your skills while showing that you’re the kind of person.

It’s much more fun

Resume website lets you be proactive and create something that actually reflects the person you are, not the version that people see on paper. CV website lets you “show” your work as much as you tell about it.

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